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Software Services And Groupware Solutions And Integration


Highland's Software Services and Collaborative Solutions and Integration Group offer a full line of consulting, systems engineering, and software development services to define, enhance and streamline business processes.

Through software applications supporting collaborative and workflow technologies, such as Microsoft and legacy Lotus Domino software and server technologies, Highland has been performing effective process analysis, workflow analysis, and designing, developing and supporting a wide range of systems.  These systems: (a) improve the organization's overall operational efficiency, and (b) access data and present information stored in various legacy and more contemporary systems such as those based on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server at the enterprise-level. Highland provides technology-based solutions that offer such features as those listed below, already operational in systems we have developed and implemented for our customers.


  • Define an information architecture completely integrated with today's business environments, including the Internet and legacy systems,
  • Support multiple security levels, from point of access to the data element, up through reports on system data,
  • Inter-operate so that data are only entered once by data owners and then shared across systems,
  • Reduce the administrative burden required to maintain information and data,
  • Facilitate interaction and response, collaborative application development, and information and application sharing,
  • Provide system users and administrators with on-line professional-quality documentation including Quick-Reference Guides and complete system manuals, and
  • Comply with Federal statutes for public accessibility to information.

Common Attributes of Most Systems Developed by Highland

  • Workflow centric.
  • Single shared repository for management of in-process and final records of any physical or electronic media type.
  • Designed to help organizations meet rigorous internal requirements and statutory, regulatory, policy items, and new initiatives.
  • Support creation, categorization, management and location and retrieval of records from a variety of content authoring and other tools, Web browsers, and mobile devices, including real-time federal records dispostioning from portable handhelds.
  • Support extensive e-mail integration to capture messages, attachments, and threads.
  • Provide for overall secure operations, communications sessions security, and security and integrity of records and data.
  • Provide the ability to suspend records from lifecycle processing to meet interim requirements, such as audits.
  • Provide for extensive reporting tools.
  • Manage sensitive information,
  • Designed and implemented to be flexible, robust, scalable and high-performance, meeting the requirements of time-sensitive applications and work environments
  • Use a browser based user interface so they can be accessed wherever the Internet exists

Highland has developed scores of applications, many of which can be used as templates for new development projects, thus reducing cost and time to initial operational capability. Highland maintains a library of reusable code, which aids all of our software engineers in maintaining a Rapid Application Development environment.